Oregon Coast Engagement Session

Come watch this Oregon Coast Engagement Session, shot on the water near Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast.

Allison & Brian and the adventure on the Oregon Coast

The story of how this all came together is truly what happens when you say “Yes” to adventure. And these two lovers truly embody that spirit.

But first, let’s talk about how this all came to be.

Early 2022, I had the absolute privilege of working with one of the most talented Wedding Videographers of our time. While also promoting their fully self-sufficient lifestyle, they have truly been a trail blazer in what it means to be an individual at the forefront of your company. They are, A Little Long Distance. If you haven’t seen their work, DO IT HERE . Josh, the videographer, was looking for a 2nd shooter for a wedding near Baltimore, Maryland. Even though it was 3+ hours from me, I offered my services. A month or so later, we meet up on the day. I was fan girling on the inside but kept it cool. I wanted to poke his brain, but didn’t want to be annoying. When we finally got to sit down for dinner during reception, I asked him what his best tip for a new wedding videographer would be. And what he said at the moment set this story in motion.

“…Attend workshops…”

It was set. It was decided. I was fully locked in. Workshops, an amazing way to meet other videographers from around the world. Talented videographers! I was stoked. And almost as if the universe was pushing me along, registration opened for something I’ve wanted to attend for a very long time. Venture Workshop, hosted by the legendary White in Revery. For 2022, Venture would take place at Silver Springs State Park in Oregon.

I’m going to discuss this incredible experience on a future post. But for now, let’s get back on track.

Let’s make something beautiful

After the 5 day life changing experience, I wanted to put what I learned to the test. I posted on Instagram looking for couples to film an Oregon Coast engagement session by Cannon Beach. Cue Allison & Brian. Lovers from opposite ends of the planet. Allison being born and raised in Perth, Australia and Brian growing up in Lansdale Pennsylvania. (Which actually isn’t far from where I’m from, Bethlehem Pennsylvania, such a small world)! They responded to my Instagram story saying they’re from Portland, Oregon, but never made it out to the Oregon Coast and have always wanted to check it out. I asked if they’d be down to film a session in the afternoon, pretty short notice but it was my last day and I love filming so much I really just wanted to see how creative I can be in such a beautiful location.

While others said no, Allison & Brian said yes to adventure.

We met on the Oregon beach and immediately connected. They told me about how they met, what their interests are, their goals in life. I learned that in Australia, a fanny pack is called a bum-bag! They were only just dating and not engaged, but they were so clearly in love and so right for each other. We ran barefoot on the beach and we laughed and we made a beautiful adventure video that featured Super 8mm Film. After shooting for a little while, we all had a big group hug and went our seperate ways. Brian told me that even if they didn’t get a video, this was an amazing experience. After I sent them their video, Brian told me that after our session, him and Allison went for a hike and he said “I love you” to her for the first time.

The Team

Videography: Small Forest Films

Super 8mm Film Supplier: Pro8mm

Location: Cannon Beach & Indian Beach

October 26, 2022