Emma x Brad

Intimate Beach Wedding in The Florida Keys

Emma + Brad: The Best Adventure of My Life

Join me for a travel wedding down in Marathon, Florida for Emma & Brad’s beautiful and intimate Florida Keys beach wedding.

“…Purely By Happenstance…”

College is scary. New people, new life. It can be hard to get your footing, but eventually, you have to try. Feeling adventurous, Emma, in her freshman year at Stockton College, decided today (December 4, 2011) was the day to take on the world and make friends. While hanging out with some neighbors down the hall, she heard a tapping on their 2nd floor window. Strange. She looked out the window to see a laptop charger dangling from the floor above. She stuck her head out the window, looked up, and her life changed forever. Starring down at her with a big smile, was Brad Ross. 11 years later exactly, they are having a beach wedding in the Florida Keys.

The Wedding In The Keys

Brad and Emma currently live in Florida. They wanted a beach wedding, and something a little away from home. A place where their friends and family could travel to and have it feel like a vacation. Marathon is where they chose to have their Florida Keys beach wedding. The sun was out, the weather was beautiful. As a northerner, it made me forget it was currently December. They read their vows and kissed and even snuck away to just dance and be together as husband and wife. They went on to dance the night away, and Brad especially to the classic, Rock Lobster by the B52s.

An Adventure In Key West

The morning after Emma and Brad’s Florida Keys beach wedding, as I sat in my hotel room thinking about how amazing the previous day was, I realized I still had half of a roll of super 8mm film left. I’m not one to waste a good opportunity, so I shot Emma + Brad a text to see if they wanted to have a little adventure session down in Key West FL. Being the badass, down for anything couple that they are, they said yes! We roamed around the city, checked out the amazing architecture, saw plenty of chickens, and got quite lost. There were also six toed cats. But during this time we really got to explore who they are as a couple and what their love really means. We talked and laughed and danced. And at the end of the day, left with amazing footage and memories we will all have forever.

The Team:

Videography: Small Forest Films

Venue: Courtyard Faro Blanco Resort

December 4, 2022