Brandy x Carter

Sunset Elopement at Hawk Mountain PA

Brady x Carter: We Crossed Paths For A Reason

Watch Brandy & Carter’s intimate, non-traditional elopement at Hawk Mountain PA during sunset. I joined them for an evening of nature, family, and the beauty of having an elopement at Hawk Mountain PA.

A Saving Grace

Brandy and Carter. Lovers who found each other at a time where they were both in need. Life can becoming overwhelmingly hard and the hand you are dealt can be daunting. Too much for one alone to overcome. Found in a dark place, Brandy and Carter leaned upon one another. Bettering themselves, becoming the people they were meant to be, together.

Vows on The Mountain

Brandy and Carter chose to have an Elopement at the mountain side of Hawk Mountain PA. This was a location that held a lot of meaning to them. With family working for the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, it was a place they knew and a place they called home. They wanted a smaller wedding to highlight those around them that truly mattered. Those that have been with them through their times of struggle, and those who helped keep them grounded and stand on their own feet. Brandy and Carter did not read their vows to each other during their ceremony. But instead, went over to the cliff’s edge overlooking miles of forest and read their vows to each other there. Words they wanted to keep for each other. As they read their vows, a full moon shone behind them in the sunsetting sky.


Following the ceremony and our portrait session, Brandy and Carter went back to their home where friends and family were waiting to celebrate. Immediately upon walking in, you could tell this was a family gathering, and while everyone was not immediate family, upon walking through those doors you became family. The air smelled of food, and the kitchen was full of laughter. A thanksgiving family party is the best way I can describe this evening. An intimate gathering, the perfect way to end an beautiful day.

“A Small Forest Film, For Our Small Forest Wedding”

When looking for an elopement videographer, they knew they wanted someone they would connect with. Having a wedding film that incapsulates the true intimacy of the day was always important to them. They wanted a day where her closest circle can be together and enjoy each other and the nature that was around them. With this film, I looked to capture the day as it unfolded naturally. Allow the day to happen and be present minded of the energy and vibe around. The fun and love that a family gathering brings. Shooting on Super 8mm Film was just the icing on the cake. Super 8mm film adds such a unique beauty and sense of intimacy that is different from digital. Super 8mm film just gives that sense of nostalgia that a home movie brings. Their elopement film is truly theirs. It is who they are.

The Team

October 8, 2022