Rachel x Andy

Wedding at Holly Hedge Estates in New Hope, Pennsylvania

Rachel + Andy: Home Is Not Where You Are From, It Is Where You Belong

Take a look at this wedding in New Hope, Pennsylvania. I headed to Holly Hedge Estates in New Hope, Pennsylvania to film and celebrate the love of Rachel + Andy

A Love Over Seas

When Rachel and Andy first reached out, it took a while for us to nail down a call time to chat. They were currently living in South Korea, where they first met. Rachel, originally from Philadelphia PA, was studying abroad in South Korea when she first met Andy. Andy was born and raised in South Korea, it was the place he called home. On their first date, Rachel was running extremely late. Andy, being strict with punctuality, was moments away from leaving when she first showed up. They dated the rest of that spring and quickly learned that they had something special.

Home In South Korea

Rachel chose to move to South Korea to pursue her relationship with Andy. After a couple years of dating, they got married and had a traditional South Korean wedding in the country they called home. Being so far from her family in Philadelphia, Rachel wanted to have a celebration with them. She also wanted Andy to experience an American wedding. The dancing, partying, and all the events an American wedding brings. South Korean traditional weddings tend to run shorter than American weddings, and the events are different as well. The photos are also very finely posed. Rachel wanted to throw an American wedding that was more casual, more relaxed, and a ton of fun.

The American Wedding

Rachel, being the creative she is, put together a beautiful wedding in New Hope Pennsylvania, surrounded by the wooded area that is Holly Hedge Estates. Hanging string lights shown over vintage goblets and wooden tables. To quote Rachel: “I am that cottage-core b####.” They went on to a beautiful ceremony where Andy got down on one knee to put Rachel’s wedding ring on, and solidifying their second wedding with a kiss. As the sun set, the party began. Kicking off the night with Dear Maria, Rachel and her girls danced and sung and got the party started. They closed out the night with a sparkler send off, the perfect end to a perfect day. Rachel had the beautiful and unique non-traditional wedding day she wanted and Andy got to experience it all.

Rachel and Andy have since moved back to the US and Andy has gotten his citizenship! Yay!

Their Wedding Film. Non-traditional Like Them.

Non-traditional wedding videography was very important to Rachel and Andy. They wanted something that focused more so on the little moments of the day rather than just a wedding film that was a timeline of events. People mingling, laughing, enjoying the day, and Rachel and Andy just being themselves. When reaching out, Rachel told me how much she loved my wedding film for Sydney and Danny, She loved the overall vibe of their backyard wedding and how everyone was just enjoying the day. It felt more like a barbeque where you invite all your friends and neighbors and everyone just feels like family. That was the vibe she was planning for the day, and I was more than happy to capture it. It’s those little moments that I love to capture with my non-traditional wedding videography style.

The Team

Videography: Small Forest Films

Photography: Emily Palm Photography

Venue: Holly Hedge Estates

September 18, 2022