Hi, I'm Kyle.

Bethlehem Wedding Videographer

My friends call me Ky

Bethlehem Wedding Videographer

A lover of natural light, astronomy, cats, and all things nature.


Me + My Style

Bethlehem Wedding Videogrpaher

Capturing moments as they happen is what I do. I'm a bit of a minimalist when it comes to gear. No big Hollywood setups here. 90% of the wedding day it's just me, my camera, and my favorite lens. That's all I need. This let's me focus on what truly matters. YOU. Yes it's challenging, but holy $hit I love it. Life is about taking risk. Going against the grain, being yourself, and having a damn good time doing it.

Also, If there will be dogs at your wedding please tell me. i will 100% be there.

Always up for adventure

Bethlehem Wedding Videographer

Bucket List

This love for film has given me the amazing opportunity to travel to awesome places and meet the coolest people. These experiences have truly opened my eyes to how beautiful this planet really is and I want to keep adding new experiences in different parts of the world. If you wanna make something in any of the locations listed below it will be free! Just pay for travel and we'll make something beautiful!


Glacier National Park

Redwood National Forest

New Zealand






Movie night?

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