Juliana x Scena

Philadelphia Wedding at The BOK Building

Watch Juliana x Scena get hitched and learn their love story told at their wedding in Philadelphia at the unique and hidden gem of a venue, The BOK Building.

A Unique Wedding For A Unique Couple

Jules & Scena began their day a room apart in the BOK Building. Jules, surrounded by her closets friends, family, and homemade baclava from the Moms. Scena with his guys and a bottle of wine. They shared their first look together atop the BOK Building, having a quiet moment together to let it all sink in. The BOK Building, being a refurbished school from the early 1900s, featured many unique and quirky locations for our portrait session. The BOK Building was a playground which held unique area one would not find at any other venue. From an old theater to the stunning rooftop overlooking the Philadelphia skyline. There was no shortage of shooting locations.

The Traditional Persian Ceremony

Seated behind the sofreh aghd, Scena & Juliana are accompanied by food and objects used to represent love, health, and good fortune for the couple. Mirrors and candles represent light and clarity. Bread represent representing prosperity for their future. Eggs, wheat, and various nuts, symbolize fertility. A sewing needle for the bonding of families. And honey for the sweetness of their lives. Following speeches and prayers from loved ones, a canopy of fine cloth is held over the couple by their close family. The Moms of the couple take turns grinding sugar loves above them, raining down sweetness for the couple. For more information on traditional Iranian weddings, ideas, and designs, I highly recommend checking out this link.

A Disco Ball In The Gymnasium

Following their beautiful traditional Persian ceremony, it was time to party. The gymnasium of The BOK Building was the location for this reception. It featured everything you’d expect from a school gymnasium, basketball hoops, wooden floors, and bleachers. Adorned with beautiful table designs and overhead string lights, this gave this almost whimsical, quirky feeling location a modern twist. Juliana & Scena danced the night away with their favorite people under the glow and beams of the disco ball overhead. Midway through the party, Jules & Scena slipped away to change into their party outfits. Jules dawned a stunning fringe dress in a style gave homage to a flapper era. Scena changed into a very stylish dark textured short sleeve button up. Just as the disco ball spun, the party gravitated around them, their style, and their love.

A Wedding Film As Unique As They Are

Something that really stood out to me when I read Juliana and Scena’s inquiry was this quote here: “Honestly, the quality of your website was the first thing I noticed and made me want to reach out. Great ui/ux!” Shout out to Kern & Ink. When I hopped on the phone with Scena + Juliana, they told exactly what I love to hear from a couple when they reach out: “We want something different. We hate cookie cutter.” They wanted a wedding film that was simply them. Scena, a lover of food and wine. A man who has respect for his culture, love for the people around him, and may run late occasionally. Juliana, a total badass marathon runner with an infectious smile who isn’t afraid to throw down on the dance floor. They’re a couple with a deep love for each other and having fun, and showing that was a priority.

The Team

Videography: Small Forest Films

Photography: Love Me Do Photography

Florals: We Are Wildflowers (@wearewildflowers)

Catering: Balboa Catering (@balboacatering)

Planner: Danielle Pasternak (@dpnak)

Hair & Makeup: Jessica Saint Beauty (@jessicasaintbeauty)

Dress: Jenny Yoo (@jennyyoonyc)

Engagement Ring and Bride’s wedding ring: Angela Monaco Jewelry (@angelamonacojewelry)

Groom’s Wedding Ring: Cartier (@cartier)

Suit: Proper Cloth (@propercloth)

Shoes: Alden (@aldenshoeco)

Groom’s watch: Chopard (@chopard)

June 2, 2023