5 Reasons You Need Super 8mm Film For Your Wedding

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Super 8mm film. It’s Super Fun And Super Unique

What is Super 8mm film? Why does it look so different than digital? Is it like actually film film like photography film? In this little post we’ll talk about all the advantages and disadvantages (honestly none) of having your wedding day captured on Super 8mm film.

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So what is Super 8mm Film? And Why Is It Super?

Ok let’s take it from the top. We won’t get too crazy discussing 8mm film, 16mm film, Ektlchrome, it’s honestly a rabbit hole that if you’d love to dive into be sure to bring a life line because it goes deep. We’re going to discuss Super 8mm film. First introduced in the mid 60’s, it became widely popular for its ease of use. You just load the film and go. This became the norm for home movies and family vacations and it was the camera you just had to film anything and everything. Ask your grandparents, they probably had one! As digital rose, its popularity fell until the late 2010’s resurgence. After decades of shooting on digital, filmmakers were re-falling in love with film. We’ll discuss this love in a future post, I’ll try to keep this all short and sweet.

Why Do I need Super 8mm Film For My Wedding Video?

So you’re interested in wedding videography for your big day, but you want something a little different. The standard wedding film just doesn’t interest you. You want something more. Something interesting. Something… Super (I’m allowed 1 bad joke per blog post). Let’s go over the ways Super 8mm film will not only add a unique look to your wedding video, but also a unique feel.

1.) It’s All About The Vibes, Baby

Super 8mm Videography

The colors, the look, the feel. It’s all such a vibe! Film is captured with colors so different to todays standard of styles. There’s no moody colors, or bright and airy. It’s its own unique thing. The faded look with the colorful tones. It’s a look that just can not be replicated digitally. It truly stands out on its own because you immediately know you’re looking at film.

2.) Perfectly Imperfect, Just Like You

Small Forest Films | Super 8mm Film Videographer

If you’re looking for something perfect and prim and proper, this might not be for you. Super 8mm film is for those who find the beauty in the imperfections. the crackles, the film burn, the shake, the jumped frames, these are all things that in the right eyes adds to the look and not takes away. When shooting on Super 8mm Film, these are all

3.) You Feel The Nostalgia

Small Forest Films | Super 8mm Film Videographer

There’s just something about film that immediately gives a sense of nostalgia. Maybe it’s knowing that your day is being captured on a vintage camera from the 60s-70s that was given a new life and purpose after decades of not being used. Or that there isn’t a feeling a instant gratification that there is with digital. Since you can’t just playback what was captured on film, you have to wait until the film is developed and scanned which could take a couple of weeks. This short bit of waiting just builds the excitement of seeing what was captured and gives a sense of remembrance when watching through the beautiful moments that were captured.

4.) A Family Heirloom

Small Forest Films | Super 8mm Film Videographer

Just like you, every moment captured on film is unique. The grain, the burns, all beautifully unique aspects that just add to your beautifully unique day. Once your moment is captured on film, there’s no turning back. It was the moment as it happened. un altered. True to the experience. This is the perfect family heirloom to add to the collection. Having your wedding day captured on Super 8mm Film is something that will be passed down for many generations to come.

5.) Ratatatatatat

Small Forest Films | Super 8mm Film Videographer

Ok ok this might sound silly, but the sound the camera makes as its rolling just feel immaculate and creates such a vibey energy while we’re filming together. Maybe because I’m a camera nerd whose always dreamed about shooting on film, but the sound of the gears turning, the shutter releasing 18 frames per second, the click of the trigger, it all just launches mass amounts of serotonin in my brain. I’ve noticed also, it is quite the head turner at weddings. Every time, yes every time, I film during cocktail hour, as soon as I start rolling and the guests here that ratatatat sound of recording, everyone turns toward the camera. “Are you shooting on film?” “Are they having their wedding shot on film?” “I didn’t know people still used film”. Total vibe.

See What I Mean?

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January 21, 2023