Lauren x Joey

Summer Camp Wedding at Camp Tioga in Thompson, PA

Lauren x Joey: To Wake Up Next To You Everyday

Watch Lauren and Joey add a unique twist to their wedding weekend by having a Summer Camp themed Wedding at Camp Tioga in Thompson, PA.

Summer Camp Wedding Vibes

Lauren and Joey live in the UK. They met while each other were traveling the world, and continued their exploration throughout, together. When they finally decided to get married, they both knew immediately that they wanted to do something different. A traditional wedding was just not for them, they knew they’d prefer a non-traditional wedding. Joey is originally from the UK and Lauren is from the US. They knew bring both their families a great distance would be a bit daunting to go for just a single day. So they made a summer camp weekend wedding adventure. Renting out Camp Tioga, they brought friends and family from all over the world to play games, jump in the lake, make smores, and have the summer camp wedding weekend of their dreams.

The Wedding By The Lake At Camp Tioga

Traveling the worlds has given both Lauren and Joey a love for nature and the great outdoors. After Lauren dawned her beautiful flowy wedding dress, and Joey finished getting ready surrounded by his best friends in the bunks of Camp Tioga, they both met for their first look. They chose a first look location down the trail into the woods. A secluded place where they can step away from the bustling camp ground, so that they can have a moment to themselves, alone in nature. Following their first look and the Ketubah signing, everyone gathered for the ceremony. The ceremony location was setup in front of the lake at Camp Tioga. The sun was shining down causing the lake to shimmer. With plenty of speeches given, and brilliant officiating by Lauren’s brother, a kiss between Lauren and Joey was given to seal the deal.

Beer In The Canoe

Cocktail hour was a true gathering and moment for those who have not met due to their distance apart to meet for the first time. Stories were told, beer was drunk, basketball was played, and a video of those who could not make it was shown in the mess hall. As golden hour struck, everyone moved to the reception. A beautiful area completely transformed by the design / wedding planning team of With Wisdom Wedding Planning. Everyone marveled at the colors and lights while the band played and brought the dance floor alive. And the dance floor stayed lively until fireworks signaled an end to this part of the night and onto the after party/

Their Summer Camp Wedding Video

Lauren and Joey are a unique couple. They are world travelers, adventure seekers, and they sure as heck know how to party. Lauren and Joey wanted a wedding film as unique as them and not run of the mill. A wedding film that would highlight not only the main events of the day, but the in between. People enjoying Camp Tioga. Playing games, meeting each other, and having fun. They wanted a wedding film that was not scripted or planned out, they wanted something that just flowed and was candid. Lauren and Joey have big personalities. They are the kind of people who make you feel like a best friend, and probably have an inside joke with everyone they meet. They are welcoming and kind and they know how to have fun. I wanted to show their personalities throughout their film and I wanted their energy to be felt throughout.

The Team

Videography: Small Forest Film

Photography: The Bere Collective

Venue: Camp Tioga

Wedding Planner: With Wisdom Events

Band: EBE Talent

August 27, 2022