Teall x John

The Intimate PA Forest Elopement in Tunkhannock PA

Teall x John: I Promise To Love You Forever In The Forest

Watch Teall & John’s beautiful Intimate PA Forest Elopement. I joined them as they read there vows to each other at the base of a waterfall in the woods. Shot on Super 8mm film.

The Artist & The Woodworker

Teall and John first ran into each other while Teall was in college. An art student looking for wood material for her senior project, she headed over to the local saw mill where she saw him. A few years later, the timing was right. John asked Teall how her art project came out and they started dating. Less than a month in, they went to John’s family farm which has a beautiful waterfall. This is where they told each other they loved one another. This is where years later they would read their vows to one another Waterfall Elopement in Tunkhannock PA

The Waterfall Elopement

Teall & John wanted a wedding day they could call their own. A Private moment in time where they can truly appreciate all that they have accomplished together as a family. They wanted to cherish time together in an intimate setting at place they called home. They decided to have a day, just them to celebrate, adventure, and appreciate the place they were and the people they became. Their waterfall Elopement in Tunkhannock PA was the perfect idea and location for their day, because it was truly them.

The Experience They Deserve

During our talks, John and Teal shared that they really want a day that feels intimate, low stress, and chill. I was more than happy to oblige. Their biggest want, was to read their vows to one another at their waterfall. While waterfalls are beautiful, they can be tricky with audio. Teall and John knew this, and they were fully ready to scrap the waterfall vows idea. But that was the experience they wanted for their waterfall elopement, and I’m all about ensuring you have the experience you want on your wedding day. So we went ahead and had our ceremony at the waterfall. As a backup, I had them reread their vows back on land.

The Team

Videography: Small Forest Films

Film Supplier: Pro8mm

June 7, 2022