Savanna x Nathan

The Wedding at Folino Estate Winery in Kutztown, PA

Savanna x Nathan: A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

Take a look at this absolute banger of a wedding at Folino Estate Winery in Kutztown PA.

It’s All About The Party

Savanna knew two things were certain when she began her wedding planning journey. 1.) She wanted to ICE Nathan and his groomsmen. and 2.) She wanted to throw the party of the year. Spoiler alert, both happened.

Fireball And A Wedding

The wedding day began at Folino Estate Winery with a toast. Raising mini bottles of fireball, Savanna’s maid of honor gave a short toast congratulating Savanna and recounting their time they’ve known each other. With a loud cheers and a quick swig, they wedding was off to a fire start. Savanna and Nathan held their ceremony in front of the vineyard at Folino Estate, with the sun shining down on them. They wanted a short ceremony because they had a party to get to. Following I Do’s and a kiss, they walked down the aisle. Time to party.

2000’s Pop Punk Is The Playlist

Bursting through the doors to their reception, Savanna and Nathen walked in to cheering from their guests. As they reached the center of the dancefloor, sparklers shot into the air. They shared their first dance, and the party began. Folino Estate has a huge open dancefloor, and it was filled with guests. Afterwards, the night came, so did the pop punk portion (my fav). Evereyone absolutely jammed out to classics like Check Yes, Juliet, Dear Maria, I Write Sins Not Tragedies, and of course Mr. Brightside, Savanna and Nathan and their entire wedding guest list danced the night away.

Their Rager Wedding Video

Savanna and Nathan were very blunt when discuss what they did not want from wedding videography. They did not want something boring, they did not want something plain, they did not want something cookie cutter. Savanna and Nathan wanted a non-traditional wedding film that showed the absolute banger of a party they through. They wanted an anti-cookie cutter style that blended with who they were. They were less focused on the posed moments and details. Savanna and Nathan wanted a wedding film that was all about the party and having a good time on their wedding day. And boy did they have a good time.

The Team

August 21, 2021